About Us

IPECO is a family company, founded 13th July 1998 by my father Ivan Prokeš and his friend Ing. Bohumil Růžička. Together they estimated real estate valuations with their best intentions and skills but as time passed, both of them agreed to put company asleep and focused on other things. Their friendship developed, and lasts until these days.

I took over IPECO in 2022 and changed its orientation to a software development. Using skills I have learned working on big international projects, we deliver quality and scalable software with passion and interest.
We create information systems to automate company processes, solve real world problems, connect APIs to save work or we just create web pages to promote our clients.
Knowing how obsolete tech can be dangerous, we push for updates to utilize security patches whenever we can.

What we do

Effective solution
for every businesses

Company process automation

IPECO creates flexible services, convenient and multipurpose solutions to automate company processes, we have your future in our minds! We build high availability and highly scalable systems.

Web pages

We prepare web pages to prapagate your company or product. We need you to tell us what do you want to tell the world, we will do the rest!

Company process automation

Save your company resources by moving repetitive tasks to your software.

Resource use

Manage your assets to avoid paying huge amounts of money for something you do not need.

Software Lifecycle

We plan, prepare, develop and deliver a software using CI/CD, carefully handling releases to reduce risks.

UI/UX designs

We prepare software with user experience in mind, listening to feedback of end user.

We help our clients succeed by delivering products that improve life, work and play.

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Krásné 149,
Tři Sekery
Czech republic


[email protected]

+420 721 265 389

ID number: 25223160

VAT number: CZ25223160